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2021. November 21. 20:40  -  David Rechnitzer
The evaluation of Imre Szabics and Peter Stöger

The two managers shared their thoughts on Sunday's match.

Imre Szabics: 

"I think Ferencváros did not only have themselves to thank for going into the dressing room with a 2-0 lead at half-time. After the two-goal advantage, the game was decided, because Ferencváros are such a strong team at home that it is very difficult to turn the game around against them. I was very pleased with our play in the first half, we had a penalty and a sending off situation. In the first 45 minutes we had some very good possession, but every key moment of the game was positive for Ferencváros. I repeat, however, that I was very satisfied with our play in the first half. We went out in the second half with the intention of turning the result around and we did everything we could to do so. But Ferencváros are a very good team and it is no coincidence that they are where they are at international level. The table doesn't usually lie, the current 8 point difference can be reduced, but the reality is that Ferencváros are the best team in Hungary today. Congratulations to the home team for today's win. This difference can be erased and we will work to reduce this gap as much as possible in the future."

Peter Stöger: 

"I am happy with our performance today against a very strong opponent. We played very good football from the first minute. I think that MOL Fehérvár FC had a chance until the first 15 minutes and then we could talk about an open match, but after the second goal the outcome of the match was clear. What I am disappointed about is that we missed our chances at the end, even though this game saw the potential to score a fourth and a fifth goal, and if we had managed to score them, I would be completely satisfied."

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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