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2021. Július 24. 10:31  -  David Rechnitzer
Norbert Szendrei: My big dream is to one day play for the senior national team

The young midfielder recently joined Vidi from Honved. We sat down to talk to him about his move and the period ahead.

- How old were you when you started playing football and why did you choose the sport?

I started playing football relatively young, when I was in nursery school. I've always loved playing football and my dad played at an amateur level, so I obviously inherited my love of football from him. However, I was not sure that I would become a footballer, as I swam competitively alongside football until I was 10 or 11, and then I had to decide which sport I wanted to play more seriously in the future. It wasn't an easy decision, because swimming was very close to my heart, but I chose football in the end. 

- As a midfielder, do you consider yourself more attack-minded or more defensive?

It's an interesting question, because even when I was older, in the U17 side, I played several times as a striker, but I really feel most comfortable in midfield. I've been tested in quite a few positions over the years, so that's definitely worked to my advantage. Of course I do my bit in defending, but I consider myself more of an attacking player. If the match situation arises, I don't have problems in front of the opponent's goal, but my primary task is to help my teammates.

- Who was your role model as a child whose game you looked up to?

As a kid, my favourites were Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry, and nowadays I like to watch Messi and Neymar. My game isn't known for dribbling, but I still like the players who are good at dribbling and can make spectacular decisions.

- You're 21 years old, you don't have much of a past yet, but if you had to pick one or two defining events from your career so far, what would they be?

Winning the Hungarian Cup with Budapest Honvéd is what I consider the biggest success of my career so far, and the other is my first NB I league game, which I played against Vidi - we lost, but you never forget your first appearance in the first division. I'm also proud to have played for the junior national teams, and of course it's a dream of mine to play for the senior national team one day.

- You came up to Budapest from Nyíregyháza at a relatively young age. Did it become clear to you that you would join the academy of Budapest Honvéd, or did you have other options?

Several teams in the capital wanted to sign me, but when I personally visited the academy of Budapest Honvéd and saw the conditions there, and the long-term plans for the academy, there was no question for me to choose the red and blacks. Fortunately, life proved that I made the right decision, and I owe a lot to Budapest Honvéd and the Hungarian Football Academy, as I became a NB I player, a junior national team player and a cup winner at Kispest.

- As you said earlier, this was the most significant club change of your career so far. How difficult was it to make this decision and whose opinion did you consult before accepting Vidi's offer?

I asked my parents, my girlfriend and my agent for their opinion and talked to them a lot before I made the final decision. Obviously, it was not easy to leave Budapest Honvéd after ten years, but I felt I needed a change of environment in order to continue to develop. I felt I needed new impulses to achieve my future goals. I was very sympathetic to the vision that was presented to me here at Vidi, and I am confident that I will be able to continue to develop. Fortunately, my integration has been smooth, thanks to the fact that I know the younger players - Dani Zsóri, Palko Dárdai, Patrik Nyári - for a longer time from the youth teams, but I have also met the more experienced players on the pitch several times.

- You also faced your current coach, Roland Juhász, several times as an opponent. How does it feel to have him as one of your coaches now, who you played against 1-2 years ago?

I remember playing against him two or three times. For me, it's a great honour to be in the hands of three great former footballers, there's so much to learn from them.

- What are your aims with Vidi?

My individual target is to perform consistently well at Vidi so that I have a realistic chance of making my debut in the senior national team in the next 1-2 years. I know that to do this, I will need to be outstanding, as we have a very strong national team. And at team level, I want to be champion and a cup winner with Vidi.

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