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2021. Szeptember 11. 22:46  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: "I take my hat off to the way the team performed"

The two managers shared their thoughts on the 2-2 draw.

Imre Szabics: 

"I take my hats off to the team's performance, the last two weeks, as well as the two days behind us, have not been easy. All things considered, a very solid performance from the team, especially in the second half. Of course, it is annoying for everyone that we lost two points at the last minute. I told everyone in the dressing room after the interval to try and relax, the away games would come soon. In the second half, after a reorganization, we were able to break down Mezőkövesd on the wings more easily, we scored nice goals and deserved to win. I didn't feel the home side would equalise, but situations like the second goal we conceded happen in a football match. After these two weeks, and after not being able to travel to the match yesterday - as we were waiting for the results of the Covid tests - and climbing off from the bus straight to the match today, it was a positive performance for me."

Attila Pintér:

"Throughout the game we played better football than Vidi and we did more to win, but unfortunately we couldn't close the game after 1-0, although we had several chances to do so. Before the second goal from Fehérvár, I think we should have had a corner kick, but instead our opponents were able to lead the attack. But in the end, my team showed what I expect from the boys, which is that everyone should do everything to succeed. It would have been an injustice of fate if we had lost this game today."

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