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2021. Október 02. 21:43  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: A draw was a fair result based on the game

The two managers spoke shortly after the final whistle.

Imre Szabics: "The team played well in the first half, we should have won the game in the first 45 minutes. Unfortunately, after the sending off, the game did not go the way we would have liked. We had no tempo in our game, we couldn't create enough big goal-scoring chances. DVSC players mobilized extra energy after the sending off and we felt that less would be enough. Based on the two periods of play, the draw is fair. The way DVSC approached the second half, we should have done the same. It wasn't like us before that my players didn't get into battles, didn't slip and slide. I need to watch the game again and have a serious talk with one or two players in this regard, because that's not the way to approach the second half."

Gábor Toldi : “This is a draw worthy of a win. I'm very proud of the team, they mobilized a lot of energy, even after playing more than a half with a man down, we had a chance to score in every counter attack we had. What I regret is the way the game ended, our opponents got a penalty from nothing, which I cannot judge objectively, I will have to look into it. In any case, a team that can play at that pace with ten men and work that hard has a future. We believed we could win throughout, but I'm not dissatisfied with the draw. You have to admit that Vidi had chances in the first half, Kosicky made a great save, but we also had chances in the first half.”

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