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2020. Augusztus 01. 23:05  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: The lads are working hard

The two managers spoke shortly after Saturday's friendly game.

Gabor Marton: "The lads are working hard. We are increasingly seeing from them the things we practice in our training sessions. We also see them moving slightly on lead legs for the time being in some situations. I mean, they don’t necessarily get there or don’t necessarily touch the ball the way we want them to. This is normal at this stage of pre-season. However, we had plenty of room in today's match, I hope that in a week or two we will come off the pitch as winners after a match like today.”

Ante Simundza: "For our part, we played in a very good match. MOL Fehérvár FC are difficult opponents. I think we brought out what was in us today, but I think we can play better than that. We are on the right track and, as they say, a draw is good away from home.”

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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