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2020. Augusztus 02. 09:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Evandro: I am pleased to have made my Vidi debut

The recent signing made his first appearance in the 1-1 pre-season friendly.

"I am really pleased to have finally made my debut for Vidi. This is still the case even though it was only in a friendly game. I spent almost an hour on the pitch and I felt good out there. I also know that I am capable of far more. It was a good match against the Slovenian cup winners and the game was very useful for us. I felt we played better than our opponents but the result itself is not the most important right now. Its more important that we learn the things that the coaching staff asks us to do. I need some more time to be able to bring out the maximum in me. With my teammates, I understood myself very well on the pitch and of course off it as well, I can safely say that I managed to integrate into this great community. I can’t wait to play in competitive matches" - commented Evandro following the friendly. 

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