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2023. Március 22. 09:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Bartosz Grzelak: "The players have to see that I work the hardest to win"

Our Swedish head coach gave an interview to, in which he also talked about his coaching approach.

Last Saturday, Bartosz Grzelak got his first win for Vidi in his first league match against Budapest Honvéd. The Swedish coach gave an interview to before the weekend's match, in which he said that the most important quality he brings to MOL Fehérvár FC is his will to win and his confidence.

"I want the players to line up behind me as one man, and this is only possible if I always communicate with them honestly and clearly state my expectations. I also need them to see that I work my hardest to win," he said.

"I'm an attacking coach, I'm always looking for where I can hurt the opponent," Grzelak said of his football philosophy, "I always ask the boys to attack the ball, put the opponent under pressure and try to create as many situations as possible. The biggest problem that can happen is when a player loses confidence. Rebuilding that is one of the hardest things to do, but luckily we have the antidote: win."

He added that he is thinking ahead in small steps and trying to give his players all the help they need to do that.

"We shouldn't overcomplicate anything, we need to play simple but purposeful football first. We need to set smaller, achievable goals and as we build the group together level by level, we can incorporate new things."

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