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2022. Szeptember 18. 17:48  -  David Rechnitzer
The III. District fought hard, but we went through in the MOL Hungarian Cup

Kodro, Stopira, Heister, Bumba and Makarenko all found the net in Óbuda.

MOL Magyar Kupa, 2022-2023, 3. forduló, 3. fordulóMeccs center 
Opavszky 2, Elek 56
III. Kerületi TVE:
Szmola -- Elek, Fejes, Preklet, Egerszegi, Kirják, Kozics, Opavszky, Schuszter, Szalai (Vankó 65), Barczi
Kodro 43, Stopira 59, Heister 63, Bumba 71, Makarenko 88
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Rockov -- Sabanov (Houri 60), Stopira, Serafimov -- Hangya Szilveszter (Heister 60), Pinto, Lednev (Zivzivadze 46), Nego -- Bumba (Makarenko 80), Kastrati -- Kodro (Szendrei 80)
2022.09.18. BudapestIII. kerületi TVE Sporttelepe13 fok, felhősJátékvezetők: Molnár AttilaBelicza Bence PéterVörös Dániel

In the 3rd round of the MOL Hungarian Cup we played at the home of TVE III. Kerületi, who play their football in the Western group of NB III on Sunday afternoon. Michael Boris gave the nod to Emil Rockov in goal, while the outfield was made up of Serafimov, Stopira, Shabanov - Nego, Lednev, Pinto, Hangya - Kastrati, Bumba - Kodro. Former Vidi players Bence Elek, András Fejes and Dávid Barczi were among the starting line-up for the home side, the latter captaining the home side while Stopira wore the armband for the suspended Attila Fiola.

The match did not start well for us, Opavszky scored a great goal into the top left corner from 20 meters, Rockov could not save (1-0). Almost immediately on the other side, Hangya had a chance, but Szmola came out of the goal well, and in the 4th minute Lednev's shot was saved by the home goalkeeper. In the 10th minute, RBD sent a message to Patrik Réti, who is currently hospitalized - the midfielder of our 2018 champion team, and the video analyst of our junior teams in 2020, was diagnosed with bone marrow disease. In the 14th minute, Barczi's bouncing shot was saved by Rockov, and in the 24th minute, Szmola tipped the ball out for a corner after a nice attack from Nego's low attempt.

Ten minutes later, Bence Elek tried to surprise Rockov with a 40-metre shot, but our goalkeeper was alert, and in the 42nd minute we equalised! After a corner, Serafimov flicked it on and Kodro fired a powerful 14-metre shot into the short top corner (1-1)! The first way to end the first half.

At the break Zivzivadze came on for Lednev. The second half started with a Kastrati chancd, but Fejes cleared the danger. In the 56th minute, Bence Elek's close-range header gave the Blues and Whites the lead again (2-1), but Bumba's cross was headed home by Stopira (2-2) at the other end fairly quickly. Then substitute Heister's scored with a nice shot into the bottom right corner (2-3). Heister had replaced Hangya, and Shabanov was replaced by Lyes Houri in the 60th minute - the Frenchman, returning from injury, was playing as a midfielder. 

In the 70th minute Bumba scored - he took advantage of Szmola's mistake and headed the ball into the net from close range (2-4). Three minutes later Nego was perhaps too unselfish, in a great situation he passed to the middle but found no one to meet his cross. In the 77th minute, Rockov saved a close-range shot by Vankó.

In the 80th minute, Kodro and Bumba were replaced by Makarenko and Szendrei Ákos, the young striker making his first appearance in a Vidi first team shirt. In the 86th minute, Makarenko set the final scoreline with a 20-metre left-footed shot into the bottom right corner (2-5), to finally beat the home side by three goals. The draw for the MOL Hungarian Cup 4th round will be made at 18:15 on Monday, with live coverage on M4 Sport.

2022-2023 MOL Magyar Kupa III. Kerületi TVE - MOL Fehérvár FC
MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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