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2022. Szeptember 18. 18:01  -  David Rechnitzer
Michael Boris and Zoltán Aczél evaluated the III. District TVE - MOL Fehérvár FC MOL Hungarian Cup match

The two head coaches assessed what they saw after our team's 5-2 cup win.

Michael Boris:

We didn't expect an easy match, as we knew that the home team had more experienced players and the pitch was not going to be good, unfortunately the opponents took the lead after a minute and a half. They were motivated and we didn't manage to move the ball as smoothly as we would have liked. It's not easy to play against a third division team either, because trying to beat a first division team was very motivating for them. We made some changes during the game, we switched to two centre-backs and Houri came back from injury, which is another positive for today's game, and we are also happy that we managed to go through with five goals.

Aczél Zoltán:

I said before the game that this should be a reward game for us, because we have three defeats in the NB III, so there is a big gap between the two teams at the moment. But we took advantage of this opportunity, even though we went down after 60 minutes. The opponent's coach was able to substitute national team players, while we had only four substitutes available due to illness and injury. So it is difficult to compete with Fehérvár, but the team did what I asked. After our second lead we conceded from a silly counterattack and then fell apart, but overall I can be proud of my team today.

2022-2023 MOL Magyar Kupa III. Kerületi TVE - MOL Fehérvár FC
MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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