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2022. Szeptember 17. 10:56  -  David Rechnitzer
Michael Boris: "We need to progress to the next round"

Our team's away MOL Hungarian Cup match against III District TVE kicks off on Sunday at 15:00.

"I expect a tough match, if only because several former NB I players play for TVE III District. On paper we are of course the favourites, we have to go through to the next round. We have prepared ourselves, we have watched and analysed their matches. We have also seen that the quality of the pitch will not be the best, we will have to adapt quickly. Now all we have in mind is progressing to the next round, of course we want to reach the final of the cup, but until then we have a lot of matches to fight for. I can't count on Attila Fiola for Sunday's game because of the red card he received in the spring cup match in Győr, but apart from him almost everyone is available, we will travel to Óbuda with our strongest team" - said head coach Michael Boris before the MOL Hungarian Cup match against TVE III.

2022-2023 MOL Magyar Kupa III. Kerületi TVE - MOL Fehérvár FC
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