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2022. Augusztus 05. 00:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Palko Dárdai: "After taking the lead, we played more freely"

Palko Dárdai, who scored our first goal in the 5-0 win against Petrocub Hincesti in the ECL, and he also highlighted the team spirit after the match.

"The first twenty minutes didn't go exactly as planned, but then we took the lead with my goal. I felt that after the goal we were more free and it showed in our game. I didn't think we could have won by such a large margin beforehand, but of course we are very happy to have won by five goals in front of our fans. There's a great team spirit in the dressing room, which the head coach has a big part to play in, and I hope that this will continue to be reflected in our results in the future. On Sunday we have another important match in the league, we have to beat Honvéd, and in the remaining days we will have to focus on regeneration" - said Palko Dárdai, who scored the first goal after the 5-0 win against Petrocub Hincesti.

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