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2022. Augusztus 04. 23:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Michael Boris and Alexei Savinov assessed MOL Fehérvár FC - FC Petrocub Hincesti match

Our head coach and the coach of the Moldovan team gave their reaction after the match.

Michael Boris:

"It's always different to experience live an opponent from another country in international matches, because even though we had an observer watching Petrocub last week, or maybe we saw the footage, but on the pitch you always need a little time to adapt to the opponent. I'm very proud that we didn't stop when we had a two-goal lead and went on to score the third, fourth and fifth goals. We attacked them down, we defended forward and obviously there could be mistakes despite the five-goal success, but there are nights when you can enjoy the victory a little bit besides the analysis. I think it's a realistic margin based on the picture of the game, but now we have the league game against Honvéd in front of us. The fans were behind us last season, even when results weren't coming. I feel that the relationship between them and the team is getting better, we love playing at home - of course, there were also many Vidi fans in the away section in Paks on Sunday. I also met them on Wednesday, and after every game we thank them with the players for cheering us on, but we also thank them for their encouragement today!"

The five-goal win also prompted reporters to ask our German head coach about a possible play-off against Cologne.

"As I've said before, I've been a Rot-Weiss Essen fan since childhood, I don't have a particularly good relationship with Cologne, but I've had a lot of people from Germany contacting me since the draw for tickets or just inquiring in general, so I've had my phone on charge a lot this week. But I don't want to talk about it any further for now, our main focus is of course to do well against Honvéd and then secure qualification for the second leg in Moldova."

Alexei Savinov:

"We started the first 20 minutes very well, I was very happy with the way the team played at the beginning of the game. Ambros could have scored a great goal, we dominated things and our plan worked, but we conceded two childish goals, which was very bad psychologically, I can say that the team collapsed after that. We played against a great team, we tried to come back into the game, but the performance of our opponent didn't give us the opportunity to do that tonight. We were missing three key players from the winning team against KF Laci, and unfortunately we could not replace them properly, we even had to send a 17 year old youngster on the pitch. We had a difficult and long trip to Hungary (our opponents arrived by bus, they left Moldova on Tuesday - ed.), which might have contributed to today's poor performance."

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