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2022. Június 24. 19:12  -  David Rechnitzer
Vidi started the season with a win

In a friendly match we won in Dunaújváros with goals from Petryak, Babos, Dárdai, Hangya and Papp.

Barátságos, 2022-2023, Nyári felkészülési mérkőzések, Nyári felkészülésMeccs center 

Dunaújváros FC:
Pokorni -- Molnár, Papp, Tölgyesi, Rabi, Barna, Kesztyűs, Petró, Jakab, Tóth, Novák
Petrjak 15, Babos Bence 47, Dárdai 60, Hangya Szilveszter 73, Papp 75
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Kovács Dániel (Rockov 30) -- Vágó (Sabanov 45), Lüftner (Horváth G. 61), Alef (Papp 45) -- Berekali (Hangya Szilveszter 45), Makarenko (Lednev 45), Kovács (Pinto 45), Kojnok (Farkas 61) -- Petrjak (Dárdai 45), Csoboth Kevin (Csepregi 61) -- Funsho (Babos Bence 45)
2022.06.24. DunaújvárosDunaújváros Stadion35 fok, napsütés

The first match of the 2022/2023 season was played against Dunaújváros, the third place side in the Central Group of NB III, at the Red-Whites' stadium. The home team started the game with a new name (Dunaújváros FC) and a new head coach (Ferenc Horváth) - the former Vidi striker was welcomed from the stands by the fans, but of course there were also fans present from Fehérvár

Some of our players from different national teams are still on holiday, so Michael Boris played several young players on Friday afternoon. The starting eleven this time was Kovács D. - Alef, Lüftner, Vágó - Kojnok, Kovács I., Makarenko, Berekali - Csoboth, Petryak - Funsho. The game started with a chance for the home side, Kovács made a great stop from Novák's shot in the 5th minute, but after that we took the initiative and created several chances. In the 8th minute Funsho's shot from a sharp angle went past the right post, and in the 12th minute Makarenko and Vágó both threatened from a corner, but Pokorni, who had previously kept goal in the NB I, was still untouched. After a quarter of an hour of play, the home goalkeeper was helpless, and Ivan Petryak scored the first Vidi goal of the season (0-1) after a fine cross from István Kovács!

After the goal we continued to play with the advantage but we didn't create any great situations in this period. Due to the heat, the referees called a drinking break in the 24th minute, and in the 30th minute Dániel Kovács was replaced by Emil Rockov, who returned from a loan spell in Novi Sad. In the 41st minute Petryak made a fine run down the left side of the pitch, his cross was just missed by Csoboth in the middle - the last exciting moment of the half before the teams went into the break.

At the break both head coaches changed their sides and for us Alef was replaced by Milán Papp, Vágó by Shabanov, Berekali by Hangya, Makarenko by Pinto, István Kovács by Lednev, Petryak by Dárdai and Funsho by Bence Babos. The latter was making his first appearance for Vidi's first team, and the 2004-born striker headed Kevin Csoboth's right-wing cross into the net following a fine move after two minutes (0-2). Ten minutes later, Palkó Dárdai scored a goal, this time assisted by Szilveszter Hangya (0-3). After an hour of play, Rockov was replaced by Kovácsik, Lüftner by Ákos Horváth, Kojnok by Máté Farkas and Csoboth by Barbabás Csepregi.

Babos could have doubled in the 71st minute, but the home goalkeeper made a great save, but in the 73rd minute the substitute, former youth national team player Balázs Ásványi was helpless, when after Lednev's trick and pass, Hangya blasted the ball into the net (0-4)! Three minutes later, another goal was scored, as Milan Papp headed home Lednev's corner (0-5), a confident victory in our first friendly match.

2022-2023 Barátságos Dunaújváros FC - MOL Fehérvár FC
MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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