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2022. Június 12. 12:12  -  David Rechnitzer
Attila Fiola: "Everyone put their heart on the pitch"

Our defender who was on the pitch throughout the draw against Germany, is pleased that the national team's attacking play is becoming more effective alongside the solid defence.

"I tried to play as well as I could, but unfortunately I could only come on as a substitute in the first two games because I had a minor injury before the England game. I tried to contribute in the last two matches and luckily I managed to do so minimally. I take my hat off to the team and the fans for today's game, we played a very good game, everyone put their hearts on the pitch. With a bit of luck we could have won, we had some great chances, including a great chance for me where the goalkeeper made a very good save, but we can't be dissatisfied with a point. Thanks to our compactness and our team unity, our defence has been good in the last three games, apart from minimal mistakes, and now our attacking play is becoming more effective against these teams, and we had plenty of chances against the Germans. We will try to make things difficult for them in the next three matches and try to get points" - said Attila Fiola, our defender who played the whole match after the 1-1 draw against Germany in the Nations League.

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