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2022. Június 11. 18:59  -  David Rechnitzer
Michael Boris: "The most important thing is that everyone puts in the hard work in training"

Our team's head coach said that in the coming season it is important to be successful on both the domestic and international stage.

On Saturday, our team met for the first time after the summer break after the end of the season, and after the usual examinations and assessments, the first ball training session will take place on Monday. At the same time, we announced that Michael Boris will continue to manage Vidi's first team next season.

"I am happy and proud to be the coach of Vidi in the new season. We'll get down to work quickly, with only five and a half weeks until the first Conference League game and the league season will kick-off a week later. I'm optimistic about the new season, because in the last nine games of last season we showed that working as a team, fighting for each other, we can achieve good results and that's how we managed to qualify for the European stage" Michael Boris told our website, while also talking about his goals for the coming weeks.

"We can't prepare with a full squad for the time being, several of our players are training with their national team and the new players will be able to join in during the preparation, while some of the second team will be training with us, but that's not a problem, the most important thing is that everyone puts in the hard work day by day. We are looking forward to an exciting and difficult season, where we want to do well on the international and domestic stage and achieve the best possible results.

The head coach stressed that they are constantly working with the management to strengthen the squad.

"The sporting director and the scouts have been working for months to ensure that we have the best players possible. That there will be changes is natural in any transfer window, especially after a season that has not gone according to the club's plans overall. Our task will be to integrate the incoming players into the team as quickly as possible so that they can get into the rhythm, settle in and become useful members of the team on and off the pitch."

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