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2022. Május 24. 10:28  -  David Rechnitzer
InStat: Makarenko featured most in the dream teams of the weeks

17 of our players have been among the best in the round at least once, with five Vidi players also featuring twice this season.

After every round of the OTP Bank Liga, we looked at how our players performed according to InStat data, and we also compiled the dream team of the weekend based on the InStat postal indices of the best players of the round.

Vidi's Ukrainian midfielder Yevhen Makarenko was the most successful featuring eight times, making the top three on three consecutive weekends between rounds 3 and 5 and rounds 11 and 13. He is followed by Loic Nego, who has made the dream team five times, Kenan Kodro and Stopira four times, and Adrián Rus, Rúben Pintó, Michael Lüftner and Peter Zulj three times.

17 players from our squad have been in the dream team at least once, and in the 33 rounds we have seen the name of a Vidi footballer 49 times. The 17th and 26th rounds saw the most players from our squad among the top performers, with five of our players in the dream team after the 1-0 win against Mezőkövesd and the 5-3 win against Kisvárda. 

In the spring season, Loic Nego was top, making the team of the round four times, followed by Peter Zulj, who arrived on loan in the winter, and Rúben Pinto, who became a regular at the end of the season after a serious injury last summer, with three times, while our winter additions Artem Shabanov made the top two times and Barnabas Bese once.

In the InStat aggregate indices, Stopira and Nego were among the top twenty performers of the season, the former finishing eighth with 233 and the latter fourteenth with 230 - and Nego also had the most key pass attempts all season. Among the teams, we also finished second in the field in both InStat indexes and possession.

The players of the InStat dream teams of the rounds from MOL Fehérvár FC:
Jevhen Makarenko - 8 times
Nego Loic - 5 times
Kenan Kodro - 4 times
Stopira - 4 times
Michael Lüftner - 3 times
Peter Zulj - 3 times
Rúben Pinto - 3 times
Rus Adrián - 3 times
Alef - 2 times
Artem Sabanov - 2 times
Dárdai Palkó - 2 times
Fiola Attila - 2 times
Ivan Petrjak - 2 times
Nikolics Nemanja - 2 times
Visar Musliu - 2 times
Bese Barnabás - 1 time
Kovács Dániel - 1 time

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