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2022. Május 24. 09:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Adrián Rus: "The stakes will be high for us in the Nations League"

Our Romanian international defender also spoke to our website about his previous season, in addition to the Nations League in June. 

"On Wednesday 25th May, the Romanian national team will start their preparations for the June Nations League matches. Our opponents will be Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Finland. A new national team manager was appointed at the beginning of the year, and I am very pleased that Edward Iordanescu has once again sent me an invitation, as he did for the training matches against Israel and Greece in March. I'm very pleased with the confidence given to me by the coach and I hope I can repay him with a good game on the pitch. The two friendly matches were low-stakes, the new manager watched a lot of the players, but the Nations League in June will be high-stakes for us and we want to win as many matches as possible. The previous season was a mixed one for me at Vidi. I started well, then in the winter, I got an injury out of nowhere and had to have an operation, then at the beginning of the year I had Covid for 24 days, so I had to start 2022 almost from scratch. In comparison, I'm very happy that I managed to become one of the main players in the team in the spring, I feel like I didn't even play badly. As I said, we start training with the national team on Wednesday, so I don't have much time to relax, I'm not planning any big holidays, I'm just relaxing at home with my family and friends. I think that if you are a professional footballer, you can't ask for a better summer break than to spend most of your time with the national team. I am proud to represent my country in the national team again" - Adrián Rus told our website. 

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