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2022. Február 12. 07:31  -  David Rechnitzer
Yevhen Makarenko: "We must focus on our strengths"

Our Ukrainian national team midfielder is confident that the cup win against Szeged will give the team confidence.

"We have a tough match against Honvéd, we can see that there are a lot of unexpected results in the league, regardless of the position anyone can collect points. Unfortunately, we didn't start the spring season well, so we can't afford to drop any more points in the next matches. Our main goal against Honvéd is to get three points, and to do that we need to focus on our strengths, and I think we need to take advantage of them to win the game. I am confident that the cup win against Szeged has given the team confidence, it always feels good to win, especially with such nice goals and by 3-0, we are working to give the same performance against Honvéd" - said our Ukrainian midfielder Yevhen Makarenko ahead of Sunday's match.


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