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2021. December 05. 15:22  -  David Rechnitzer
Report: Defeat away at Kisvárda

Nikolic could only reply to Cirkovic's and Asani's goals, as the home team won 2-1.

OTP Bank Liga, 2021-2022, Őszi szezon, 15. fordulóMeccs center 
Cirkovic 3, Asani 22
Kisvárda Master Good:
Dombó -- Cirkovic, Ötvös (Karabelyov 78), Bumba (Camaj 78), Asani (Navratil 67), Melnyik, Prenga, Leoni, Mesanovic (Kravchenko 90), Simovic, Peteleu
Nikolics 27
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Kovács Dániel -- Heister, Stopira, Fiola, Nego -- Petrjak, Makarenko, Szendrei (Lüftner 26), Dárdai (Kovács 71) -- Kodro, Nikolics (Zivzivadze 79)
2021.12.05. KisvárdaVárkert StadionBorult, 1 Celsius-fok1521 nézőJátékvezetők: Solymosi PéterTóth II. VencelMedovarszki JánosPintér Csaba

Our very young fans may not remember when a television sports commentator used to greet us every Sunday at the beginning of the current broadcast with the words "Good lunch, good football". For our away game in Kisvárda, M4 Sport's correspondent could have used the same phrase again, as the match kicked off at 13:30 at the home of the red and whites. Manager Imre Szabics went for the starting eleven of Kovács D. - Nego, Fiola, Stopira, Heister - Dárdai, Szendrei, Makarenko, Petryak - Nikolic, Kodro.

Unfortunately, Kisvárda started the match better, and in the third minute Lazar Cirkovic headed a right-wing corner into the net (1-0). In the 11th minute, Nego's right-wing cross was nodded over the goal by Kodro from five metres out, with keeper Dombó not having to save. In the 22nd minute Kisvárda doubled their lead, Asani curled the ball into the top right corner from distance (2-0). Kodro then had a great chance, his powerful shot from six metres out was saved by Dombó. In the 28th minute, the home goalkeeper tried to bring down a long ball but it bounced over him and Nikolics was grateful for the chance and put the ball into the empty net (2-1)! Before the goal Szendrei was replaced by Lüftner.

After the quick change of goals the game calmed down a bit, with neither goalkeeper having to make a save until the 41st minute, when Ötvös' 20-metre free kick was confidently saved by Dániel Kovács. At the other side, in the 44th minute, Dombó twice corrected his earlier mistake when he saved both Dárdai's header and Nikolic' close-range shot. Petryak was then brought down inside the box and the players pushed each other a little, but referee Péter Solymosi's whistle remained silent. The first half ended with a header from Leoni that missed the target.

Neither manager made a substitution at the break, with our goal being the first to be threatened in the second half. Kovács stretched after Asani's low shot. In the 63rd minute, Dárdai shot from the edge of the box, the ball ended up in the hands of Dombó. Soon after, Asani's shot was flicked on by Ötvös from close range, but from a sharp angle, went just wide of the goal, and Bumba's 17-metre shot was saved by Dániel Kovács.

After the 70th minute we had Kisvárda pinned back in their half, Kodro's free kick bounced off the wall and behind the goalline, and then we had a series of corners. By then István Kovács was on the pitch, replacing Palko Dárdai. In the 77th minute, Niko tried to put a ball into the goal from 18 meters, the direction was good, but there was not enough power, and Dombó could save. Our captain, Nikolic, who scored his 110th NB I goal in a Vidi shirt is closing in on the record of the legendary József Szabó, was replaced by Budu Zivzivadze after the incident.

In the 82nd minute, Petryak's cross bounced off Peteleu to make it dangerous, but Dombó was able to save. 7 minutes later, Navratil's pass was followed by Mesanovic's 13-metre shot, which was well saved by Kovács! At the beginning of the two minutes injury time, in reality more like three minutes, Zivzivadze's shot was blocked by the home team, but we could not equalize, and the score remained 2-1, which meant Kisvárda won. The next match will be on Saturday, 11th December, when we will play MTK Budapest away. 

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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