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2021. Október 22. 23:10  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: "It was a disgraceful performance"

The views of the two managers following the final whistle.

Imre Szabics: 

"Before the match I said that Újpest is like a wounded boxer: even though he was already down, he is still dangerous because he can hit hard. We seem to be good at first aid, because we managed to revive Újpest with a disgraceful performance. At half time we talked about that we should only focus on their counterattacks, as we had the man advantage, but we couldn't control their one striker, and Újpest immediately had three big chances. The goal made the team feel insecure, our passing game didn't work either. After last week's good game, I am puzzled by today's performance. Against Honvéd we shifted our performance upwards from mediocrity, but today we failed to do so."

It was raised at the press conference whether our head coach is planning retaliation.

"First of all, I have to watch this match again. This game really hurts, we missed a huge opportunity today. I'm terribly annoyed that we couldn't get the three points again after last week and catch up with the leaders."

Michael Oenning:

"We really needed this win, which I think was justified because we played really organised football throughout and we managed to score even when we were a man down. This is the fourth match in which we have received a red card, but it is the first that we have managed to win despite this. It is a good sign that we have gone two consecutive league games without conceding a goal. So far, apart from the Gyirmót match, we have not played badly in any of the games, but we have been lacking a win, and tonight we got one."

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