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2021. Szeptember 21. 16:16  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: "We have maximum faith in the players available!"

The Vidi manager gave his thoughts as his side prepares to face FTC.

"I felt a little bit in the last few days that everyone is concerned with how many players we are missing, who are the players who can't play against Ferencváros. It is true that we have a lot of players out missing, but I would like to turn that around and talk about the players who are available. They have prepared for the game to the best of their abilities, and we, along with the rest of the coaching staff, have the utmost faith in them! We will strive for solutions and I am absolutely sure that whoever will be given a role as a starter or a substitute will do their best to beat the highest ranked team in the country at the moment! Of course, our fans can also play a big part in achieving a good result. Thank you for being behind us throughout the season, there will be a great atmosphere in the stadium on Wednesday night and we will try to repay them with a performance worthy of the atmosphere." - said our head coach Imre Szabics before the home league match against FTC.

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