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2021. Szeptember 18. 21:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Vidi comfortably go through after a win at Sopron

Vidi hit six goals on Saturday evening to make it through.

MOL Magyar Kupa, 2021-2022, 32 közé jutásért, 3. fordulóMeccs center 
Krizsonits 33, Kustor 51
SC Sopron:
Horváth -- Koronczai, Tóth (Gere 79), Sipos (Harangozó 79), Jakab, Kustor, Holzmann (Bokán 79), Krizsonits (Jakab 68), Baranyai, Csomós, Pető
Nikolics 9, Jallow 14, Dárdai 19, Csoboth Kevin 24, Jallow 39, Csoboth Kevin 80
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Kovács Dániel -- Heister, Lüftner, Fiola, Nego (Nyári Patrik 90) -- Csoboth Kevin (Kovács 90), Szendrei (Kojnok 73), Makarenko, Dárdai -- Nikolics, Jallow (Hodzic 84)
2021.09.18. SopronSoproni Városi StadionFelhős, 17 Celsius-fokJátékvezetők: Pillók ÁdámSzalai BalázsMohos MilánGaál Ákos

In the 3rd round of the MOL Hungarian Cup we were the guests of NB III team SC Sopron on Saturday night. As we mentioned earlier, due to injuries and illness, Imre Szabics could not count on more than a team full of players, so he sent the following team out: Kovács D. - Nego, Fiola, Lüftner, Heister - Dárdai, Makarenko, Szendrei, Csoboth - Jallow, Nikolic

The game started well and we took the lead in the 9th minute: Heister's foot was dragged inside the penalty area and Nikolic scored the resulting penalty into the bottom right corner (0-1).

Three minutes later, our captain tried a long-range shot, but the ball went over. It was not so in the 14th minute, when a beautiful attack ended with Csoboth's cross and Jallow heading into the bottom right corner from 9 metres (0-2).

We continued to put the hosts under pressure, which resulted in another goal in the 19th minute: Nikolic' ball found Dardai, who took the ball past the goalkeeper and shot into the middle of the goal (0-3). Only 5 minutes had passed when we could celebrate the fourth Vidi goal - Jallow passed to Nikolic, who played it to Csoboth, and Kevin curled a wonderful 16-metre shot into the top left corner (0-4)!

A minute later, the fifth could have been scored, Nikolic headed the ball to Jallow, who hit the crossbar from 2 metres. In the 33rd minute, Sopron scored a consolation goal, Krizsonits shot from 16 meters to the right bottom corner after good movement (1-4). 

Shortly after the home goal, Nikolic was in position, and his low effort was saved by Horváth. In the 39th minute, the Red and Whites' goalkeeper was helpless, after Makarenko's pass, Jallow tricked two defenders and then powerfully shot into the far corner (1-5)!

Before the end of the half, Nikolic hit the post after a nice individual effort, but the score remained 1-5 and we could go into the break with a significant lead.

The second half started with a Dárdai chance, our winger shot from 11 meters, which Horváth saved. In the 50th minute, the home side had a penalty after Lüftner fouled in front of our goal. Kustor shot the penalty into the left side of the goal, while Kovács went the other way (2-5).

In the next period of the match, the chances became rare, the relative silence was broken by Baranyai, who almost headed Dárdai's cross into his own goal, but the crossbar saved him. In the 75th minute Dárdai's corner was headed at goal by Nikolic, although Horváth saved well.

In the 80th minute we scored our sixth goal, Dárdai crossed from the right and Csoboth volleyed a lovely shot into the goal from 6 meters (2-6)! In the last 10 minutes there were no more serious chances in front of either goal, we won confidently, 6-2 in Sopron, so we advanced to the next round of the MOL Hungarian Cup.

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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