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2021. Szeptember 12. 00:28  -  David Rechnitzer
Marcel Heister: if we had played a bit smarter we would have had the three points

Our goal-scoring left-back highlighted the attitude of the team after the Mezőkövesd match.

“The team is going through a difficult period, I'm thinking of the injured players and those who are missing from the squad due to a positive test. It was not our best game, and even I can do better than that. But you can't deny that everyone went forward and tried to put all their energy into getting a good result. In the second half we responded well to the deficit and managed to turn it around, if we had played a bit smarter we would have had the three points - of course it is painful to concede in the last minute, literally almost in the last second. We fought hard as a team and we have to continue the season with that attitude. Of course, I'm happy with my goal, I saw that there was space in front of me and I'm confident enough to take it with my left foot from 20 metres if no one is attacking. Besides, the only cliché I can say is that I wish I hadn't scored, but we could have returned home to Fehérvár with a victory.” - commented Marcel Heister after the final whistle.

We also asked our German left-back about the condition of the pitch, as players from both teams were struggling to cope with the conditions.

“The pitch looked good during the warm-up, but in the heat of the match it turned out to be very soft. It was difficult to run, stretch and make quick movements, but don't blame anything on that, the home team played on the same pitch..”

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