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2021. Augusztus 15. 15:26  -  David Rechnitzer
Jevhen Makarenko: I am proud to become a Vidi player

We sat down to talk with new summer signing Jevhen Makarenko.

On the 11th August we announced the arrival of Yevhen Makarenko, who already played the full match against Gyirmót on Saturday. The Ukrainian midfielder answered our questions after Friday's training session.

- Since childhood, did you consciously prepare yourself to become a professional footballer?

Actually, you could say yes. It was my father's dream for me to become a professional footballer, and I started going to football training from a very young age. When I was about 5-6 years old, I joined the academy of Dinamo Kiev - that's where my long journey started, and now Vidi is my home.

- Who was the footballer you looked up to as a child as a role model?

Two of my childhood favourites were former Dinamo Kiev players, Sergei Rebrov and Andriy Shevchenko, both brilliant footballers who later became successful coaches. It was important for me that my role models were not only good footballers, but also played football very successfully for many years at the club where I started playing football.

- Later on, you were also part of the success in Kiev, winning two championships and two cups with Dinamo. After almost ten years, you changed clubs and even countries in 2017. Why did you move to Belgium and what was it like for you?

I felt that I had given a lot and I hope that I have given a lot to Dinamo Kiev during my years there. I look back on the league titles and cup wins with great pride. Playing in the Belgian championship was an exciting challenge for me and I felt that in order to develop further, I needed to move abroad, where I could experience a completely new culture, new rules, a new mentality, and thus become more than just a footballer, but also a person. Before I moved to Belgium, I naturally asked some of my friends who played there for their opinions, and they all reported very positive things, which I later experienced myself. I tried to give my best from the very first moment, in training and in matches. In recent years I have played for two very different teams in Belgium. Kortrijk had completely different goals to Anderlecht - the latter club, of course, has the goal of winning the league title every season. I loved playing football at Kortrijk, I got a lot of playing opportunities which I feel I could make use of and I always think back with a good heart. At Anderlecht I had slightly less opportunities, but I had a very good relationship with my teammates and the professional staff. Overall, I have a positive assessment of my years in Belgium.

- What has been the most memorable match of your career so far?

The most memorable and perhaps the best game of my career was the Sweden-Ukraine game at the European Championship in the summer, for which I came on as a substitute in extra time. I experienced the regular time from the bench and the extra time on the pitch as a dream come true. I will never forget that game and I am proud to have been part of it. I still get chills when I think back to the 121st minute goal to beat Sweden in the last eight.

- You were a left-back for a long period of time early in your career, how did you end up as a midfielder?

Actually, I was a midfielder all through my academy years, and when Dinamo Kyiv loaned me to Hoverla Uzhhorod in 2012, the head coach there tried me out as a left-back and because I managed to perform well, I stuck in that position. Later on, I played a lot as a left-back for Dinamo Kyiv and was even used in that position in Belgium, but then Kortrijk's then coach Glen De Boeck saw more potential in midfield, so I moved from the defensive area to midfield. I can honestly say that I owe him a debt of gratitude, because I feel much more comfortable in midfield, where I can be more active in organising the game.

- Did you talk to Ukrainian footballers playing in Hungary about the conditions here when the possibility of transferring to Vidi came up?

Of course. I've known Ivan Petryak for a long time, we played together in the national team several times, and I've heard a lot of good things about Hungarian football, the great stadiums and Vidi. Apart from Ivan, I also spoke to Igor Kharatin and Oleksandr Zubkov, who also had good things to say about the Hungarian top division. I have also studied the history of Vidi, and I know that it is a club with a great tradition, which has become a dominant club in Hungarian football over the last ten years. I am proud to be a player of this club. I never liked to use big words and make promises, so I don't want to do that now. I am the type of person who wants to prove myself not with words but with actions, and I will have the opportunity to do that on the pitch.

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