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2021. Július 14. 16:45  -  David Rechnitzer
Vidi squad arrives in Armenia

The squad touched down in Yerevan in the early afternoon before a long coach journey to Gyumri.

The plane carrying our team took off from Budapest at 8.30am Hungarian time and landed in the Armenian capital less than three hours later. There was no one else at Yerevan airport when we arrived, so we were able to pass through the checkpoints very quickly and the checked-in luggage was quickly received by the players and staff.

From the capital, the team travelled by bus to Gyumri, 120 km away. The 120 km were covered in just over two hours.

Between Yerevan and Gyumri there is no big city, as we only passed through a few small towns. The temperature in the capital was 30 degrees Celsius when we arrived, but Gyumri is located in the mountains, so the team was greeted by much milder temperatures, 23 degrees Celsius at the time of the training session, which started at 17.30 local time.

Before the training session, our head coach Imre Szabics was interviewed by a sports journalist from a local newspaper. The young colleague asked our head coach about his experiences of the first match, and when he saw Attila Fiola, he enthusiastically asked the Vidi national team player for a photo with him - the news of his goal against France reached Gyumri.

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