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2021. Július 12. 16:42  -  David Rechnitzer
The Vidi squad will head off to Armenia on Wednesday

It will be a long journey for Vidi on Wednesday as they fly to Yerevan and then on to Gyumri.

Last Thursday we played out a 1-1 draw with Ararat Yerevan at the MOL Arena Sósto. The return match will take place on the 15th July at 15.00 Hungarian time in Armenia, but as we mentioned earlier, the match will not take place in the capital, but in Gyumri, 120 km away.

Our players and the coaching staff will leave on Wednesday morning from Budapest to Yerevan, and from there they will travel by bus to the match venue. Imre Szabics will hold a training session at 17.30 local time (after a 7-8 hour journey), preceded by the usual press conference. After the match, the team will head straight back home, expected to arrive at dawn on Friday.

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