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2021. Június 24. 19:51  -  David Rechnitzer
Friendly draw against Russian first division side Rostov

Vidi took an early two goal lead in the final friendly of the Austrian training camp. The Russians came back to level.

Barátságos, 2021-2022, Nyári felkészülési mérkőzések, Nyári felkészülésMeccs center 
Mamaev 29, Folmer 54
FK Rostov:
Pesyakov -- Hadzikadunic, Gigovic, Mamaev, Almqvist, Glebov, Vedemikov, Tugarev, Bozhenov (Folmer 46), Osipenko (Sowe 46), Turischev
Petrjak 2, Dárdai 5
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Kovácsik (Kovács Dániel 59) -- Stopira, Lüftner, Rus (Kovács 46), Kojnok -- Funsho, Dárdai (Evandro 85), Alef, Petrjak (Bourard 85) -- Houri, Zivzivadze (Tóth Tamás Vid 80)
2021.06.24. DietersdorfWaldstadion Dietersdorf32 fok, napsütésJátékvezetők: Kijas AlanObritzberger MichaelWeiss Maximilian

On the final day of the training camp in Austria, MOL Fehérvár FC played against FK Rostov, the ninth-placed team in the Russian top division in 2020/2021. Vidi started as follows: Kovácsik - Kojnok, Rus, Lüftner, Stopira - Funsho, Dárdai, Alef, Petrjak - Zivzivadze, Houri.

We took the lead practically from the start, Ivan Petrjak pounced on a loose ball inside the visiting box and shot past Pesyakov to make it (1-0). In the fifth minute we doubled our lead! Konjok and Lüftner linked up and Funsho controlled the latter's cross well, playing it to Zivzivadze, who set up Dárdái really well, and he found the far corner with a good shot to make it (2-0). 

Two minutes later Adam Kovácsik was alert to first alone and then Stopira assisted him in clearing the danger after a Russian attack. A quarter of an hour into the game, Zivzivadze's 16-metre effort was saved by the Rostov goalkeeper. In the 23rd minute, Funsho lifted the ball from midfield and Petrjak put the ball into the back of the net with a shot that went over the goalkeeper, but the assistant - probably wrongly - flagged for a foul. In the 28th minute, Swedish u21 winger Almqvist dribbled down the left wing and Rus fouled him.

Mamaev fired the penalty powerfully into the net, Kovácsik felt the direction but had no chance to save. In the 31st minute another penalty was awarded against Rus, the first one was rightly given, but this penalty was awarded quite harshly by referee Alexander Harkam. It didn't matter as Mamaev didn't find the net this time - Kovácsik was right on target this time too. Five minutes before the end of the first half, Funsho showed good skill by beating the defender but his shot did not cause trouble.

During the break, Imre Szabics sent on István Kovács for Adrián Rus - not as a midfielder, of course - while the Russians coach Valeriy Karpin changed his team.

Three minutes into the second half, Ivan Petrjak stole another ball in the opponent's half, but this time he could not outwit the Russian keeper. In the 52nd minute, Houri's free-kick was flicked wide by the rising Alef. In the 54th minute, Rostov equalised - Ali Sowe kept the ball well inside the penalty area and unselfishly crossed to Kirill, who fired the ball into the net past Funsho (2-2).

In the 64th minute, we almost took the lead again, but first Petrjak's shot was blocked by a defender, but only onto the goal post, and then Budu and Dárdai's attempts were also blocked by the defenders. In the 72nd minute, substitute keeper Dániel Kovács was in the right place, as the 18-year-old Sukhomlinov's powerful shot into the top left corner was well saved.  Four minutes later, Kalinin made a big mistake, this time Budu found the ball in the opponent's box, but our striker could not beat the goalkeeper, and his cross found István Kovács very deep, who had no chance to score from a tight angle.

Tamás Tóth, Bourard and Evandro also came on towards the end, but the result didn't change, Bourard even got into position after another Russian defensive mistake, but he couldn't find the goal from 17 meters, so we ended the training camp with a 2-2 draw.

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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