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2021. Június 23. 10:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Michael Luftner: "Vidi is a club destined for great things"

We spoke to our Czech defender - who has celebrated titles in three different countries - about his career so far.

- Did you always want to be a footballer as a child?

Actually, yes, my father was a footballer, so I didn't really have to think too much about which sport to play as a child. It's true that I didn't think at the time that I would make a living out of football, but I really enjoyed football as a child. Fortunately, that hasn't changed over the years, but today I'm a professional footballer. I was a striker for a long time when I was young, and then I played as a defensive midfielder before they found the place for me where I could play most usefully in the defensive axis. 

- Who was the footballer you looked up to as a role model when you were young?

It's not an easy question, because I saw a lot of good footballers as a kid, both live and on TV. I always loved Roberto Carlos' game, and apart from him I could mention Sergio Ramos, who I really looked up to as a role model.

- You made your debut in the Czech top flight at the very young age of 18. How do you remember the beginning of your professional career?

I was playing for the second team of Teplice and we were in an international tournament with the U18 national team, when we came back from there, the next day my phone rang, the head coach of the first team called me and said, "You'll be training with us from tomorrow, because we have a lot of injured players, I trust you, you'll do your job." So that was the start of my professional career, and soon after I made my debut in the top flight.

- Your next destination was Slavia Praha, which you have said on several occasions was your favourite team since childhood. Would you say that your childhood dream came true when you became a Slavia player?

It's true that our whole family are big Slavia fans, so of course I became one too and yes, it's safe to say that one of my childhood dreams came true when I was signed by Slavia Praha. Of course, I had to fight to get into the starting line-up, because when I was transferred to Prague I was the third or fourth player in my position, but then gradually I managed to find my way into the starting line-up during the winter preparation period. And at the end of the season I celebrated a championship title with Slavia Prague, which was a great experience.

- However, you didn't stay in Prague and left the Czech Republic to join FC København in Denmark.

That's right, the Danish club bought me out of my live contract for a very substantial amount, I think Slavia Praha got a good deal and I have moved up a level in my career. In Denmark they counted on me as a starter straight away, and I played well, I played in almost all the games. Fortunately, I was able to settle into my new team very quickly, even though I was in a country that was brand new to me. During this period, I also made my debut for the Czech senior national team, which was another of my childhood dreams come true. That dream was followed by a nightmare in 2018, when I suffered a serious injury shortly after the start of the 2018/2019 season and had to miss most of the season. I'm happy that I was still able to celebrate a Danish championship title at the end of the season, but the almost 8 months it took me to fully recover was a very difficult time for me.

- After your recovery, FC København loaned you to Omonia in Cyprus, where you went on to win your third league title. Three countries, three titles, that sounds pretty good.

It sounds really good, and I'm very proud of all three titles, although I wasn't able to play as big a part in the Danish success as I would have liked because of my injury. Again, Cyprus was a completely new environment for me, but again, it was a smooth adjustment. Henning Berg was the new coach who took over Omonia in 2019 and it was at his request that I went on loan. I have very good memories of my time in Cyprus, I played well again and became a fan favourite.

- What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

The goal I scored against Italy at the U21 European Championship is the one I am most proud of so far.

- What are your first impressions of Vidi and Székesfehérvár?

I played football with three former Vidi players in Cyprus, Vítor Gomes, Marko Scepovics and Ádám Lang, and Henning Berg had also managed the club before, so I came to Vidi knowing a lot about the club. Everyone has told me about positive experiences and so far I have not been disappointed with what I have experienced. Vidi is a club with a great reputation. And the MOL Arena Sóstó is a fantastic stadium by European standards, and I can't wait to play a match there in front of a lot of fans. I'd definitely like to live in Székesfehérvár with my girlfriend, and what I've seen of the city so far is really impressive.

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