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2021. Június 22. 14:34  -  David Rechnitzer
Sandor Torghelle: "We must not play with our hands up against anyone"

We spoke to one of our assistant coaches before the Germany-Hungary match on Wednesday night.

If anyone knows the best recipe for beating the German national team in Hungary, it's Sándor Torghelle, who scored two of his 11 goals against the Germans, and also found the net against the legendary Oliver Kahn. As you know, Sanyi is currently working as an assistant coach of our team, so we asked him for a little past history after the training session on Tuesday morning.

“We arrived in Kaiserslautern with a lot of the core of the national team of the time missing. Some were injured, others were not allowed to leave by their club, so we started the game against Germany with a "B" team. We had nothing to lose, we had a full house and we wanted to show that we could play football. I think perhaps the lesson of that game was that you shouldn't go into the game with your hands up against anyone. At the end of the 2003/2004 season, I had a couple of enquiries, but the game against Germany opened even more doors. If it wasn't for those two goals, I don't think I would have been able to sign for the Premier League club, no matter how many goals I scored in the first division. But then all the hard work paid off, and in that game, luck was on our side and everything worked out for me. The situation is a bit similar in that only Germany have something to lose now, and the Hungarian national team will have to mobilise all their energy on Wednesday night."

When the team isn't on the training pitch or in the gym, everyone is naturally paying close attention to the European Championship matches in the training camp - and Wednesday night will be no different.

“Fiola's position means that he rarely gets into such a situation, but he was there and calmly hit the ball past Lloris, congratulations to him from here! You can see that the national team is very united, we have to play the same way against the Germans as we have done so far in the European Championship. We obviously have to be very careful in defence, because we have world stars playing on the other side. From the training camp, we will be cheering on the Vidi players and of course the whole national team on Wednesday night!”

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