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2021. Június 19. 17:36  -  David Rechnitzer
Attila Fiola: One of the best day's of my life

The defender scored Hungary's opener in the 1-1 draw with France.

"My whole career flashed before my eyes after that goal. I thought of my family, my friends who were there for me all the way. I am proud of the team and the fans, it was one of the best - if not the best - day of my life. I am very happy. My whole family was here in the stadium, I'm really happy. The way the team played was amazing. On Tuesday we were good defensively, but today we were much more courageous offensively. Hats off to everyone. The atmosphere was fantastic, it was an amazing day! The manager told us to rotate the game because the sides could be empty. Of course, it's harder to do that, but luckily for the goal, Sala (Roland Sallai - ed.) curled the ball in well after I headed it to him. I thought I'd put it in towards goal and make it count, or at the most Varane would foul me and it would be a penalty, but I managed to score. I knew we weren't going to have many chances, I'm glad I was able to stay calm and deal with the situation. I am very happy to be part of this team!" - commented Attila Fiola after the final whistle.

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