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2021. Június 17. 19:59  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: "Now is the time to get the basics right"

The two managers gave their reaction following the final whistle.

Imre Szabics:

“We played against a strong team, as Lafnitz were in the race for promotion from the Austrian second division. The squad has had six very serious training sessions since we've been here at the training camp - I'm counting this friendly match as well. After three hard days, the players deserve to have the afternoon off tomorrow after a regeneration training session, but from Saturday we will be back in full swing, the team will be under a lot of pressure, we have serious goals for the season and we need to get the basics right now.”

Philipp Semlic:

"For us it was a good test of strength, because we played against a good team. We knew that Fehérvár are one of the top Hungarian teams and we could see it on the pitch. Nevertheless, we tried to show the same attacking football that our fans can see from us in the Austrian second division. We've only had a few training sessions, it was our first game of the season and the performance was quite good. The only thing that bothered me was a seemingly serious injury in the first half, which happened after a harmless situation. But the match itself and its intensity was fine. Our main goal for next season is to develop the young players to the highest level possible, while they learn how to play in a team that requires an offensive approach."

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