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2021. Május 15. 13:31  -  David Rechnitzer
Zoltan Kovacs: "What could have gone wrong went wrong" spoke to our sports director about the 2020-2021 season.

Zoltan Kovacs spoke with as he looked back on last season.

"It won't be surprising what I say: at Vidi, no one can be happy with this year's work, whether I'm looking at the expectations of the fans, the management or ourselves, we've caused disappointed."- began our sports director in an article published Saturday morning.

"We've reached the threshold of the group stage four times in five years, once in the CL and once when we actually made it in the Europa League group stage. That I think is a particularly good performance, and if we were to have perfromed this year like we did in the EL, I would not have a word. Being knocked out was a disappointment, of course, because we really wanted to get into the group stage, but we weren't the favourites against Liége. It would have been a feat to advance. Mainly because we were already heavily in the season at the time, and the team seemed to have serious problems. As we expected, we scored quite a few goals, but we conceded a lot more than expected and Fradi started to increase their distance." he said, among other things, about the first half of the season.

Zoltan Kovacs spoke about the spring as follows: "Imre Szabics was an excellent player, so he has the respect in front of the team, and he adds the knowledge we need for our professional work. We are counting on him in the long run. I agree with Imre, I think that the period the team spent with him is clearly successful, but of course we have a serious feeling of missing out due to the cup final. We played better in the first half, but after the break, Murphy's rule prevailed: "What could have gone wrong went wrong”

"We had a lot of problems this year, but we are positive about the future. We hope that the fans can return to the stadium soon, because without them nothing is real. I missed their backing very much, and it was that which could have made the difference" - he revealed to

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