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2021. Május 10. 14:05  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: I consider the period from the 1st April to be successful

We sat down and spoke to the Vidi manager about his time in charge and the period ahead.

On the 1st April, the former national team striker Imre Szabics took over the management of the first team of MOL Fehervar FC. The former coach from the Austrian national team won five of the seven matches in the league with our team, and in the MOL Hungarian Cup we reached the final by defeating MTK, where we unfortunately lost to Ujpest FC in the Puskas Arena in extra time.

I consider this period, which we have been able to spend with the team since April 1, to be very successful. Winning the MOL Hungarian Cup would have been a big plus for us, but unfortunately we did not manage to beat Ujpest in the final. I am sure we will still have a chance to win the cup in the future. I definitely wanted to take control of Vidi before the end of the season. We didn't want to wait until the summer, as this way we were able to gain very important experience of both the players and the club. These experiences will be useful in making future decisions - said Imre Szabics.

What changes can the Vidi supporters look forward to in the summer?

We are over a very intense period of five and a half weeks, everyone deserves to rest. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the players and coaching staff as everyone has put a lot of effort into it and mobilized great energies to make it a successful end to the season. We will filter the lessons learned and discuss with the owner and Zoltan Kovacs, the sports director, in calm conditions, what opportunities are available for positive changes to take place. I am thinking not only of the playing squad, but of all the elements of the club, as our common goal is to develop and raise the whole club to a higher level.

UEFA is launching a new series, with Hungarian teams - including MOL Fehervar FC - competing in the European Conference League from the summer. What do you think of this series?

I’m glad we will be competing on an international stage, as that was a clear goal for Vidi. We haven’t yet figured out what team might be waiting for us in the Conference League qualifiers, as we had other important tasks, but of course, once the draw is made, we will prepare in the same way than we do for opponents in any other series.

What can we know about the preparation program? It is expected that many of our players will be away on international duty with their national teams, while we will have to prepare for the qualifiers..

I would start by saying that we should be proud of all our players who will be playing for their national team and wish them every success! Regardless, we want to prepare with the available footballers in the best possible conditions, so we are planning a training camp, but the details of this are still being worked out - we will of course report on this as soon as the final program is in place.

What are the team’s main targets for next season?

I can answer this very simply: we need to be better than this year. Ferencvaros finished 22 points ahead of us, this is a very big difference, we definitely need to get closer to them. I trust that we will do all this with the help of our fans inside the stadium. I hope all obstacles are removed and they will be in the stands by the start of the 2021/2022 season, as everyone is waiting for the team to have a real match atmosphere at every match.

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