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2021. Május 03. 07:41  -  David Rechnitzer
Michael Oenning: This is a football celebration

The Ujpest FC manager spoke about Monday evening's cup final.

"This is a football celebration for football lovers. It wasn’t an easy season, which is why I’m happy with the final, and once we are in, we want to win. We are playing against a very good team, but it’s a cup final where anything can happen. We have a long way to go, but now the team has bonded and we are trying to lift the trophy for the fans. We can now give something back for their year-round support. We are not the favourites, but we will do our best. Since I am the coach of Ujpest, we have been beaten twice by Vidi, and they were fairly effective games. You need to be in very good form if you want to compete with them. At the same time, this clash is special for them too, because they will have an seemingly easy thing against us, seemingly..." - commented Ujpest manager Michael Oenning ahead of the MOL Hungarian Cup Final.

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