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2021. Május 03. 13:25  -  David Rechnitzer
InStat: Five Vidi players in the team of the week

There were several good performances made by Vidi players in the 3-1 away win at MTK.

The analysis company InStat also prepared a statistical analysis of the 32nd round of OTP league matches, which ran from Thursday to Sunday evening. Our team played MTK and won 3-1 away in a good game, and the effectiveness can also be seen in the indicators of our players.

At team level, the analysis that MOL Fehervar FC players had the most possession of the ball (over 35 minutes, 64%) and Vidi footballers were rated the best, as we only lost the ball 52 times (week average 74). In addition, for example, Imre Szabics' team finished first in the number of precise passes (536 out of 601, 89%).

As for individual performances: Rus and Bolla were also among the best passers, Funso gave the most key passes (3), and as usual he won a lot of duels (36/18), while Houri's three passes were successful. It was also among the best of the round. And making it into the best 11, there were five from Vidi: Stopira, Adrian Rus , Funsho Bamgboye, Nemanja Nikolics and this time in the position of forward, Lyes Houri.

OTP team of the week for match 32 (3-5-2-formation):

Malenica (DVTK, 253- InStat-points) - Mmaee (FTC, 313), Batik (Honvéd, 286), Rus (MOL Fehérvár FC, 279) - Funsho (MOL Fehérvár FC, 334), Laidouni (FTC, 367), Sigér (FTC, 290), Bognár (Paks, 401), Stopira (MOL Fehérvár FC, 322) - Houri (MOL Fehérvár FC, 310), Nikolics (MOL Fehérvár FC, 294)

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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