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2021. Május 03. 05:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: "I have asked my players to write history"

The Vidi manager will be sending out his side in today's cup final in the hope that they will lift the trophy at full time.

“Head coaches always say before a match that every game is different. This is very commonplace, but it is also one hundred percent true. Now this is especially the case, as it will be ninety or one hundred and twenty minutes that will decide how the history books will remember back to the Vidi 2020/2021 season. This clash at the Puskas Arena will decide whether a separate chapter in the history of the club will be dedicated to this season, or whether there will be only one paragraph alongside the other great successes. But this will require everyone! In addition, fans who have been waiting for long months to enjoy a live Vidi victory can return to the stands on Monday. For the club, for them, and for ourselves, we need to put aside all the pain and fatigue on Monday night and get the third cup victory in the history of the club! I have also asked the players to write history!” - commented manager Imre Szabics ahead of the MOL Hungarian Cup final, which will kick off at 20:00pm on Monday evening.

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