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2021. Április 29. 22:53  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: We totally deserved this win

The two managers gave their thoughts on the game at the post match press conference.

Imre Szabics:

"I take my hat off to Jozsef Kanta on his playing career. We pay very, very deep respect to his career and wish him all the best for the rest! Turning to the match, we won deservedly. I am proud of the team. We also played well against FTC, but I didn’t fully feel the desire to win at all costs, which was a new situation for me as there was no problem with that before. But I’m really glad the players showed this face again, they showed they want to win and they want to score goals. We decided to replace Nikolic with Zivzivadze together with the coaching staff. I am happy that he scored a goal, he needed it very much before the cup final. I am sure that he also did his self-confidence good. On Monday, a very important match awaits us in the cup final, where we want to write history. We will regenerate on Friday and then start preparing for the game."

Michael Boris:

"The first goal obviously changed the match, we saw from the replay that it was offside. Even so, we tried our best to get back into the match. In the second half, I felt Herrera’s red card was a bit of a tough decision. Although we lost, I am not disappointed, because we fought hard with 10 men and created situations, we also scored a goal. József Kanta was also able to say goodbye in a worthy way. Our next match will be against Mezőkövesd, which no longer has too much to play for as both teams have secured their place in the league earlier. We are proud of what this young team has accomplished this season. We knew that the average performance against Vidi wasn't enough, we had to give that extra bit to succeed, but in addition to the off side goal and the red card, we didn't have the opportunity to do so, although I feel like we didn't play badly."

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