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2021. Április 23. 10:31  -  David Rechnitzer
Nemanja Nikolic: The unity of the team is very good

The Vidi captain sat down to give this thoughts ahead of Vidi's match away at Mezokovesd.

- In our Hungarian Cup semi-final game against MTK and in the league match with Honved, we managed to come from behind to win the matches. That would suggest the mentality in the team is strong. How do you see this?

Yes, I totally agree with that. There is also a difference between victory and victory. For example, we won confidently against Ujpest by four goals, which means that everything came together for us, we had a good day and we have the quality. On the occasions of the successes against MTK and Budapest Honved, however, we could not manage to have everything click to make it a good day. In these two games, we had to give in a lot, both mentally and physically, to win. We proved that teamwork is still very good and there was no problem with anyone’s attitude. In today’s football, quality alone is worth nothing, as we have quality, yet there were periods of the season when chances were missed, no results came, resulting in us easily dropped points. With the arrival of the new coaching staff, a new impulse has been added to the team and despite the fact that we play two matches a week continuously, we are successfully managing the hurdles. Imre Szabics and his staff have found a way to get the most out of every player. Of course, this also required the players also accepting that there were things that needed to change. I am very happy to be able to celebrate success again week after week. Vidi is also a good team because us players have seen that we needed to change certain things and everyone is in line without a word.

- You are 8 league goals behind Jozsef Szabo's club record of 111 goals. It could easily have been 7 as we had two penalties awarded in our game with Honved. However, you only took the first. What was the reason for you not taking the second spot kick?

I kicked a lot of penalties in each of the clubs I have played for. There were penalties that were missed, there was an example against Budapest Honvéd that an outfield player, Ivan Lovric, stood in goal to save a penalty. Most of the time, though, I was able to be effective. Luckily I haven’t missed too many lately, I even scored my first international goal for Hungary from a penalty, so I felt confident. Nego even asked me before the penalty how I felt, I said I was all right, but at that moment Houri approached me and asked if he could take it. I have said countless times that one of the biggest dreams of my life is to beat the record of Vidi club legend Jozsef Szabo, but I would never put my own interests ahead of the interests of the team. Houri is, in my opinion, one of the best football players not only in Vidi, but in the entire NB I. He’s had minor ups and downs lately, but whoever comes on as a substitute and asks for the ball in such a hectic situation is sure he can’t go wrong. I am very happy with Houri's goal, I am confident that with this a dam has been broken for him and we can see the old Houri on the pitch again. And with that, Vidi can win the most. And I will continue to give my all to break the 111-goal club record. It doesn't hurt at all that there are currently not 104 goals, but “only” 103 goals next to my name.

- You will be looking to score further goals against FTC on Sunday. What kind of match do you think it will be?

I would first like to congratulate Ferencvaros as they have now won the league three times in a row. Sadly we dropped several points over the first half of the season, especially at home, which is why we could not be in competition for the title. At the same time, we go into Sunday's game very motivated. I feel that Ferencvaros will really want to beat us and both sides have picked up a win against the other this season. There was also a drawn game. I am sure that they would not be pleased if we were to come out on top in the games this season. We will be playing a cup final on the 3rd May and the aim is to go out onto the pitch and win, just as we have done in all our cup games this season. This would also be very important for our confidence as well. I feel that the team is very united right now and we believe in each other. We are capable of beating both Ferencvaros and MTK ahead of the cup final. As to wanting to score more goals: that is not as important, but I will do all I can to make that happen, but the most important is for the team to win.

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