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2021. Április 21. 23:09  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: I am proud of my team

The two managers shared their thoughts on the game at the post match press conference.

Imre Szabics: "Unfortunately, we quickly fell behind, even though we played well in the first half of the game. In any case, the goal conceded was very annoying, as huge energies have to be mobilized if we go behind. At the same time, I take my hat off in front of my team, under my control, we have managed to win having gone behind in a game for the third time. All of this proves that my players have tremendous faith. They believe in themselves and their teammates. I’m proud of the boys, and if it turns out that way, we’ll do it for the fourth and fifth match as well." 

Attila Pinter: "Congratulations to Vidi for winning. By my calculation, after our 1-0 lead, we could have closed the match at least four times. We had every chance to win, we got the ball in good places, we got off to a good start, There were four against two situations where we could take the ball towards goal, unfortunately we didn’t manage to get the second goal that would have ended the match. We quickly conceded two goals in the second half, but before both goals there were situations on the pitch after which we should have taken a free kick. If we would have got these free kicks, Vidi wouldn’t have had a chance to keep the ball going and break us. My players still gave one hundred percent all the way through, doing everything they could to succeed. I wish Vidi a lot of success!"

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