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2021. Április 18. 20:36  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: We deservedly turned the game around

The two managers shared their thoughts following the final whistle. 

Imre Szabics:

The game was fairly balanced in the first half, but I felt that we had the bigger chances. The second half was different and we deservedly won the game having come from behind. We totally earned those three points. We had quality possession and moved the ball around much better. Our positioning was also better and our attacking game appealed to me. Our opponents were more passive in the second half, and whether this was a plan by them or they simply could not handle us, I cannot decide. We had a midweek cup game, which involved serious energy so I am pleased with the quality second half we put in today. I felt it would help the team if Houri could support our two front men and this produced its result. He did well when he came on but the same can be said about Funsho and Zivzivadze. I was happy with the performance of each player anyway, the substitutions were made because the course of the match required changes. It is very important that players who enter around the 60th minute can add to our game, as this is when the matches tend to be decided. This is how we can really be a team if quality footballers also get on the bench and want to win the match.

Ferenc Horvath:

As usual, we started the match from a disadvantage and started playing football after the goal was scored. We didn’t play badly, but unfortunately not well in the first half. In the second we defended very deeply, one could expect that such a good opponent would take advantage of this. We couldn’t keep the ball, the players in front couldn’t add anything extra this time. Regardless, we were stable in the back for a long time and we also had some counter attacks. I’m not saying we deserved a win, but football has rules to play this game, today we didn’t manage to play by those rules. Not only are there two teams on the pitch but there is also a third who should work very well. This has been handled professionally today. I am confident that everyone who took part in today’s match will have the same night as me.

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