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2021. Április 18. 08:29  -  David Rechnitzer
Ferenc Horvath: Avoiding the drop has not yet been settled

The thoughts of the Honved manager ahead of his sides home game with Vidi.

„It is very important that we take to the pitch against Fehervar with the same will and determination as we did in Zalaegerszeg, feeling the importance of the game. After defeating ZTE, we could breathe a little, but we shouldn’t sit back for a moment. The issue of staying up has not been decided yet, this is also shown by the victory of DVTK at Budafok. It’s good to see that we’re already six points from 11th place right now, so we can prepare a little more calmly. I saw in the boys during the week that the important success was good for them, we showed that our hearts and minds are in place even in such a harsh situation. This will be needed for the remaining five matches as well. Fehervar is a particularly strong team, which received new impulses with the arrival of Imre Szabics and although it is still in the construction phase, the work of the new head coach is already visible. Although our opponent played a Hungarian Cup match during the week, their squad is strong and plentiful, this should not be a problem for them. The issue of staying up has not been decided yet, we want to get as many points as possible. As far as I know, we haven't won at home against Fehervar since the championship final - it would be time!” - commented Ferenc Horvath.

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