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2021. Április 15. 20:28  -  David Rechnitzer
Vidi make it into the cup final for the seventh time

Vidi came from behind to beat MTK 2-1 and make it into the cup final where they will face Ujpest.

MOL Magyar Kupa, 2020-2021, Elődöntő, 11. fordulóMeccs center 
Schön 14
MTK Budapest:
Somodi -- Alho (Kata 74), Nagy, Cseke (Kanta 87), Schön, Mezei (Dimitrov 33), Palincsár (Miovski 74), Varga, Herrera (Balázs 46), Prosser, Perkovic
Bolla 38, Nikolics 52
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Kovács Dániel -- Stopira, Musliu, Rus (Dárdai 86), Bolla -- Petrjak, Pinto (Fiola 72), Nego, Funsho -- Zivzivadze (Houri 86), Nikolics
2021.04.15. BudapestÚj Hidegkuti Nándor StadionBorús, 7 Celsius-fokJátékvezetők: Farkas ÁdámSzert BalázsBuzás BalázsKirály KrisztiánPintér CsabaErdős József

Vidi met MTK in the cup semi-final for the third time on Thursday evening. The winners of this game knew that they would face Ujpest FC in the MOL Hungarian Cup final, which will be played on Monday 3rd May. Manager Imre Szabics chose the following eleven for the game: Kovács D. - Bolla, Rus, Musliu, Stopira - Funsho, Nego, Pinto, Petryak - Nikolic, Zivzivadze.

The match started with the home side enjoying more of the ball but without creating any real chances inside the first 10 minutes. MTK went ahead on the evening after 14 minutes. A goal kick from Somodi was played on by Prosser via a backheel to Schon, who held off the defender and shot across goal and into the far corner (1-0). Vidi tried hard to quickly get back into the game. Nego sent his shot from 17 meters wide of the goal. Then Zivzivadze tried from close range but his shot produced a smart save from former Vidi keeper Bence Somodi in the MTK goal. 

Prosser shot at Kovacs after 24 minutes as the action continued. Vidi created chances in the minutes that followed. The equaliser came after 38 minutes: Bolla beginning a move and taking the ball forward before playing a one-two with Funsho. The right back found himself in front of goal, but kept his composure to find the corner and make it 1-1. It was his first goal for Vidi and it came at the best possible moment.

The second half started with a shot from Petryak, but it was not on target. Niko made no such mistake after 52 minutes as Vidi went ahead on the night for the first time. Petryak sent a ball into the middle and Stopira played it back in the middle for Niko to react and blast the ball home from 9 meters to make it 1-2. Petryak curled an effort at goal, which was saved by Somodi. 

We almost settled the game after 61 minutes. Petryak sent a ball into the middle for Zivzivadze but in the end it was Nikolic who just failed to connect with the ball. There were fewer chances in the closing 20 minutes but there could be no complaints for the battles around the pitch. MTK pressed towards the end but there was no further change to the score as Vidi went through 2-1. 

This win sees us into the final for the seventh time in our history. We have won the cup twice over the years and now have the chance to make it three on the 3rd May. Our opponents will be Ujpest FC.

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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