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2021. Április 15. 06:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: The aim is to go through

Vidi travel to MTK on Thursday evening in the semi-finals of the MOL Hungarian Cup.

"Our aim naturally is to win the MOL Hungarian Cup. We will do all we can to achieve this. As an athlete, we have a duty to fight for the win, especially as in my opinion MTK are the favourites to advance. If I remember correctly, Vidi were beaten at home and away in the league, and in addition, this tie will be decided over a single match, and they will be at home. Like I said, we got off to a good start, but its only been a few steps with the boys, so I think it would be a serious fete for my team to be able to beat MTK, which is made up of excellent players. And that’s why I also think the pressure isn’t on us, it’s on them. Our goal, of course, is to make it through, and I trust them very much because nothing builds a team together better than victories. It could also give a big boost to the end of the season if we manage to make it into the cup final, not to mention that it would be a good confirmation for everyone if we could win the trophy. But let’s not run so far ahead, with the team focusing exclusively on the semi-finals against MTK" - commented manager Imre Szabics.

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