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2021. Április 15. 21:53  -  David Rechnitzer
Bendeguz Bolla: I managed to score my first Vidi goal at the best time

The defender scored the equaliser in Vidi's 2-1 away win at MTK on Thursday.

"MTK took the lead early, but luckily that didn’t catch us out. We can also say that the goal shook the team up, after which we played football with much more concentration. I am very happy as I managed to score my first goal for Vidi at the best time. I feel like I did a lot for it. Tonight will be about the celebration, but from Friday we are already preparing for the championship game against the Budapest Honved, as important matches are still waiting for us in the league. Of course, our goal can only be to win and lift the MOL Hungarian Cup on May 3rd." - commented Bendeguz Bolla.

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