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2021. Április 04. 17:10  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: I am looking for this battling spirit each week

The two managers gave their reaction to Sunday's 0-0 draw. 

Imre Szabics:

"In the first half, while we were on an equal number on the pitch, we dominated the match, but then the picture of the game was completely rewritten by the sending off. The mentality of the players was really good, as on the one hand we were fewer and on the other hand due to the high wind it was as if the home team could play football down the slope. I take my hat off in front of the team’s performance. I was wondering if the players at stake could represent the mentality that characterizes us, the coaching staff, and they performed very well in that respect. I expect this fighting spirit from week to week, of course, even when we’re playing with 11 men. We’re over a rather difficult week, we were able to work with part of the squad as early as Thursday, but another part was only able to get involved in the work on Friday and the third group were available on Saturday. Today’s match was also characterized by this week. I have to look back on the match, but both of Attila Fiola's yellow cards seemed legitimate, he needs to be more attentive in the future."

Attila Supka:

"What we discussed with the players in advance, they performed to the maximum. Our defence was fine, Fehervar couldn't really get into a goalscoring chance, while we had the counter attacking opportunities, Sassa was closest to the goal. If we said before the game that we were going to get a point against Fehervar, we would have accepted it, but in the game we were already asking the players to try to go into an attack more aggressively while remaining stable at the back. We couldn’t win, but in our situation, it’s a very important one point. We tried to improve with substitutions up front. According to our colleague, for the corner of Kovacsreti, the ball was punched out of the goal by the opponent's goalkeeper, but the referee did not award the goal, unfortunately this happens, we don't know what to do with it."

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