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2021. Április 03. 14:03  -  David Rechnitzer
Daniel Kovacs: We will do all we can to come back from Kisvarda with 3 points

Vidi keeper Daniel Kovacs gives his thoughts on Sunday's OTP away league game. 

"We will play against Kisvárda for the third time in a short period of time. We won confidently on our home pitch in December, but we failed to win in Kisvárda in January. We were up against an extremely combative, battling side in that match. I expect a similar clash again this time, although I am confident that we will be able to adopt the warrior style that characterizes Kisvárda in general. No matter how we do it but we need to get the three points. I think at the moment results are more important than playing football nicely. We haven't been able to work with the new coaching staff so far, as many players have returned from different national teams, they've traveled a lot and played matches, so the team is sure to be more tired than average, but we're not looking for excuses, we're trying to adapt. We will do our best on the pitch to return home from Kisvárda with 3 points, as our aim is still to get second place in the championship." - commented Daniel Kovács. 

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