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2021. Március 07. 07:18  -  David Rechnitzer
Tamas Szalai: We all need to concentrate continuously for ninety minutes

Vidi's temporary manager spoke ahead of Sunday's away league game at Budafok.

"The most important lesson from the league game during the week against Paks, was that at such a level we should not switch off for a moment. We all need to concentrate continuously for ninety minutes. We have to close down similar matches, or even if we don’t, we have to hold onto the result. We also discussed this in detail with the team in the last few days. The players have worked well and I really trust them ahead of the match. Budafok is a massive team, we shouldn't look at our two league games we've played so far, because they have improved and we know full well that Budafok are fighting for their life - but the points are very important to us too. I don't think our opponents will make too many changes, I think Csaba Csizmadia will send out his strongest eleven to the pitch. We also analysed their game both in defence and attack. I expect a difficult match, but we will clearly be going for victory on Sunday night." - commented Tamas Szalai.

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