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2021. Március 07. 22:33  -  David Rechnitzer
Tamas Szalai: I am totally satisfied with our attitude

The two managers gave their verdict at the post match press conference.

Tamas Szalai:

“We didn’t start at a good pace tonight. I say this despite us taking the lead, due to us not being able to find our own game. This was the case for the first fifteen minutes of the second half, but for the last twenty minutes the guys picked up and the chances came too - although the final pass were missing. We should have created two against one situations on the wings, but we managed to win the match with a lucky goal. Everyone put their work into today's match as well, I am totally satisfied with the attitude. I think we deserved a victory by one goal. In addition, we need to be more dominant in such matches and we have to decide the fate of the three points first, but to do that we need to improve our situation..”

Csaba Csizmadia:

“We started the match the way we wanted to. We attacked our opponent and had a lot of the ball. Then, unexpectedly, Vidi took the lead with a very nice goal, but we continued our own game after that. We were more dominant, equalizing and also missed a penalty. In the second half, neither of our players could convert a goal scoring chance, we can’t miss such clean cut situations, we can’t afford that. I looked back at the situation before the free kick before the winning goal, maybe it was a light decision, but we shouldn’t be giving such an opportunity for an opponent with quality players. Daniel Zsori was unfortunate to put through his own net. I was very sorry for him and the whole team. The fact that a penalty was missed is in the game, Dani Kovacs has scored from all of them so far..”

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