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2021. Március 03. 23:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Tamas Szalai: We need to play with much more balance

The two managers shared their thoughts on the game at the post match press conference.

Tamas Szalai:

"We started the match well, took the lead quickly, and then worked out several scoring opportunities in the first 45 minutes. Unfortunately, we did not convert them and couldn’t finish the match. We knew that Paks would be defending high, there would be big areas behind them, but many times our final pass failed and if we got into position we couldn’t score a goal. We also started the second half well, we managed to score another goal, we created new chances, but as in the first half, we could not turn these situations into goals in the second. Our opponent became enthusiastic, and the result was that they levelled. We need to play football in a much more balanced way, because it doesn’t fit in to produce such ups and downs in the 90 minutes - I’m thinking here of the last ten minutes of the first half, or the last quarter of the second half. Sunday is already here and the next match where we can improve."

Gyorgy Bognar:

"I am happy with the end result as we had several forced exchanges during the match. Several young players - who have played less so far - have also had the opportunity to put down their cards in front of us. There was a 10-15 minute period when we made very good solutions. I feel like we deserved that one point. We tried to attack, keeping the game in the opponent’s half, it was less successful in the first half, but it paid off in the second. I sent on Szendre and Szabo to see if they would have good options and luckily they did. Zsolt Haraszti's abilities are much, much better than what we have seen from him in the recent period, but of course if he provides such a performance, he will get an opportunity more often as a beginner."

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