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2021. Március 03. 06:50  -  David Rechnitzer
Tamas Szalai: Every game is like a cup final

Vidi are in action at home to Paks on Wednesday evening. Vidi's caretaker manager gave his thoughts ahead of the game.

"I worked together with Gyorgy Bognar for three years at Csakvar. So I can safely say that I know about his thoughts on football. Our opponents are a very attacking side and they place lots of energy in this area. We will be able to neutralize these attacks with a battling and aggressive mentality. I trust the guys and that the last two matches have proven there is more to this team than the results of the beginning of the year showed. We must not get off the path we found last week. Vidi has to go onto the pitch and play in each game in the hope of victory. That’s why I said in the dressing room that for us, every match is like a final, it doesn’t matter if we play at home or away. I would like to see this attitude on Wednesday night as well" - commented temporary manager Tamas Szalai.

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